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"Code Red" Hair Color Ideas and Inspiration

Your Netflix Obsession May Have Just Inspired Spring's "Code Red" Hair Color Trend

There's nothing like a seasonal change to inspire you to really get bold with your beauty choices and switch up your hair color for a few months. Every season seems to have a standout hair color that plenty of people gravitate to — winter saw the re-emergence of the jet black color as well as the "root melt" trend — though now we have reason to believe that "code red" will be many peoples's color of choice come this spring.

The color itself isn't as panic-inducing as its name — it's just a gingery red that's in demand right now thanks to the Netflix series, The Queen's Gambit, in which Anya Taylor-Joy stars as Beth Harmon and sports a deep red hair color.

"The red color is absolutely gorgeous, whether it is fierce, or if even a toned-down shade closer to strawberry," celebrity colorist Aura Friedman said. "It really makes the pink undertones in skin pop." We've already seen the color pop up on celebrities like Gigi Hadid, who recently changed colors and cited the Netflix show as her inspiration.

While we're likely to see a huge spike in reds this season (Netflix addiction or not), Friedman warns that this isn't a color to test out if you're looking for something that requires little to no maintenance. "To keep the intensity, the client should regularly see their colorist to maintain the brightness," she said. Read ahead to check out a few of our favorite takes on the "code red" hair color.

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