This Color-Changing Hairstyle Will Make Harry Potter Fans Feel Like Tonks

Harry Potter fans, listen up — you don't need to be Nymphadora Tonks to instantly transform your hair from bright blue to bubblegum pink! As demonstrated by rainbow-haired Redditor moniquey, a quick color change is easily possible through strategic parting. Check out the transformation in action:

The transformative effect of the pink and blue hairstyle is simply magical, and it's all thanks to a split-dyed style. When styled in a middle part, one half of the Redditor's hair is dyed a bright pink, while the other half is a festive blue. When parted to either side, however, her entire head takes on the appearance of that side's dominant color!

Just like hidden rainbow hair can be beneficial for beauty girls with strict appearance regulations for work or school, this half-and-half style could enable professionals to look straight-laced during the week and embrace their inner unicorns outside the office. Simply change your side part and change your appearance! There are so many possibilities.