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Coping With Mother's Loss Through Beauty Essay

I Followed My Mom's Beauty Routine to Cope With Losing Her, and Here's What I Learned

Coping With Mother's Loss Through Beauty Essay

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My mother and I were, admittedly, never that close. I attribute our relationship to how she took up the graveyard shift at her job, making it only possible to see her on the weekends and for a short two-hour period on weekdays. I don't blame her, of course, because when she brought our family to the States from the Philippines when I was young, she promised to build us the best life possible, and this was her way of doing so.

That's why losing her at 18 years old was so devastating. We were just really getting to know one another. That's also why beauty plays such a huge role in my life: those two hours we'd spend together each weekday was the time we'd go through her skin, makeup, and hair routine together.

My mom was beautiful. She stood at 5'2", had seemingly blemish-free skin, and wore a glossy bob as her signature hairstyle. At 6:30 p.m. each night, I'd plug in her hot tools and lay out her products as she showered. At 7 p.m., after giving me the lowdown on how to finish off the dinner she had started cooking for the family, I'd help her style her hair and we'd talk beauty.

As a teenager who would rather be just about anywhere else than doing chores with her mother, I would give her bouts of sassiness. Now, as a young adult who has navigated the beauty landscape on her own, I'm nothing but grateful. As I miss her more toward the holiday season, I've attempted to revisit those moments through some of her best beauty tips to learn more about myself, our culture, and who I've become without her. Read on to learn more.

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