Love Creepy but Pretty Costumes? This Mermaid Look Was Made For You

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If you don't want to spend upward of $100 on a Halloween costume, we don't blame you. After all, you usually only wear it for one or two nights. Instead, survey your own makeup stash and you'll surely find everything you need to create a costume in a snap. In this case, you'll need some ocean-toned eye shadows and your fishnets for a mermaid look with a twist.

Based on Ryn from Freeform's Siren, this tutorial will have you asking, "Ariel who?" It's equal parts creepy, glam, and cool. Start with your normal foundation routine, apply cool-toned eye shadow on your lids to the brow bone, then add highlighter to the high points of your face. We recommend using one with a green cast to it, like Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers MegaGlo Highlighter in Moonlit Gleam ($5). Next, it's time to create the fish scales, which you can do one of two ways: Wet N Wild makes stencils ($2) that are easy to apply, or you can opt for fishnets. Yes. Fishnets on your head. We don't make the rules here. It looks bizarre, but it works like a charm — trust.

Take a densely packed shadow or blending brush and start pushing a gray- or slate-colored pigment into the fishnets. Blend shades like blue and green as well so they fade into each other. Make sure you're picking up a lot of pigment or shadow on the brush and pressing into the skin; fluffy brushes tend to diffuse the product and won't make the scales look as defined.

From there, add your favorite sea-inspired lipstick, put on some lashes, and get ready for the final step: fake blood. You'll want to spritz it around your mouth like you've been feeding — that's what makes it creepy. Then you're ready to attack, er, casually sit on a rock and sing about wanting to be where the people are. Yeah, that.

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