There's a Funny Story Behind Daisy Edgar-Jones's Bangs on Normal People

You can always count on there being an interesting story behind why someone decides to get bangs. Take Daisy Edgar-Jones as an example. The actress appeared on The Tonight Show on Jan. 7, and during her chat with host Jimmy Fallon, she revealed the story behind the infamous fringe haircut that she wore on Normal People. As Edgar-Jones explained it, she decided to cut her hair after she was rejected from a separate acting job.

"It's so funny 'cause my fringe came from a result of like not getting a part I really wanted," she said. "And I was so sad and I was like, 'Right, I'm gonna do a change, I'm just gonna chop off all my front bits of my hair.'" The cut was supposed to be somewhat of a coping mechanism after not getting the part — but shortly after, she was offered the role as Marianne in Hulu's adaptation of the Sally Rooney novel, and the haircut just . . . fit.

"I seem to only be able to act if you can only see a partial amount of my face," she joked. By the time the show was released during last year's lockdown, though, Edgar-Jones's bangs had already begun to grow out and were getting "out of control." Out of desperation, she had her roommate try and cut them for her.

"She did a pretty good job but it definitely went through lots of different stages, and now I'm trying to grow it out and that's stressful enough as it is," she said.

Check out Daisy Edgar-Jones's full interview with Jimmy Fallon above.