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The Meaning Behind Debby Ryan’s 6 Tattoos

Debby Ryan Has an Impressive Collection of 6 Tattoos — Here’s What They All Mean

The Meaning Behind Debby Ryan’s 6 Tattoos

  • Debby Ryan has six known tattoos to date.
  • Ryan got her first tattoo, a stick-and-poke portrait of an alien, at 18.
  • We rounded up all of Ryan's tattoos, as well as their meanings.

Debby Ryan: actor, singer, and . . . tattoo connoisseur? The star has been in the spotlight since her days on the Disney Channel shows "Suite Life on Deck" and "Jessie," and as a result, we've seen her aesthetic change throughout the years. Ryan has experimented with her hair and makeup — trying everything from bangs and mullets to graphic liner — but one thing you might not know is that she also has an impressive tattoo collection.

So far, Ryan has a total of six known tattoos, and though it seems she sticks to more traditional tattoo styles (like fine lines and script), the actor used to be a fan of stick-and-poke designs — and actually did a tiny one on herself when she was younger. Over the years, the size of her ink grew in contrast to some of her earlier works of body art, which were mostly smaller and sometimes hard to decipher. Some of her tattoos are hidden, while others are large and visible.

Still, if you've ever wondered what each one means, that's where we come in. It turns out that the actor has been fairly private about the significance behind many of her designs, but others are easier to guess. From the tattoos you can barely see to the ones you can't miss, we're breaking down the meaning of Ryan's tattoos ahead.

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