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Demi Lovato’s Dip-Dyed Green Hair Color on Instagram

Judging by Demi Lovato's New Neon Green Hair, She's Taking Tips From Billie Eilish

Demi Lovato’s Dip-Dyed Green Hair Color on Instagram

Forget chocolate brown with auburn highlights or maple mustard hair color this Fall — according to Demi Lovato's new hue, it's all about the neon green, dip-dyed hair.

On Thursday, the singer showed off her bold new hair color on Instagram stories with the caption, "In case some of you forgot - yes! Green hair 💚." And while we're not sure when the original announcement was made (and it appears we're not the only ones), it's no less exciting now. Lovato's new hue features dip-dyed, slime green ends with her blunt black bob, giving off Billie Eilish vibes. It's definitely one of her more adventurous looks, but we're into it.

Girl after our own heart; Lovato even matched her nails to her new hair color. In the same series of Instagram stories, she showed off a supertrendy version of a classic French manicure, which featured vibrant angled green tips.

Taking the neon hair color route might be daring, but it's nothing Lovato hasn't tried before. She's previously experimented with teal, pink, and purple hair colors over the years and pulled off every single one successfully. Ahead, get a closer look at Lovato's new hair and matching manicure.

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