Demi Lovato Rocked a Set of Mini Space Buns That Are Out-of-This-World Cute — Just Sayin'

If ever you had any doubt that '90s style continues to reign supreme, please direct your attention to Demi Lovato's most recent Instagram post. In a slideshow shared to her grid on Tuesday, Lovato posted two photos showing off her adorable mini space buns and a supersoft makeup look that has us ready to reach for the nearest tube of Lip Smacker.

Lovato paired the throwback look with a soft pink smoky eye, extra long lashes, and, of course, a classic glossy lip that's almost as shiny as her silver hoop earrings. The baggy jeans and oversize, pastel T-shirt only have us reliving everything we love about the decade even more. Check out Lovato's full look here, and take a trip down memory lane with this list of '90s makeup product essentials.