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Dermaflash Device Review With Before and After Pictures

I Tried the Device Lizzo Uses to Prep Her Skin, and My Complexion Looks Good as Hell

Dermaflash Device Review With Before and After Pictures
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Ever try to shave the peach fuzz off your face only to have it grow back all prickly after a matter of days? Then when you reach up to touch your skin, you feel like a weird porcupine who will never again be smooth? Dermaflash sees you and not only wants to relieve you of that peach fuzz but also promises to instantly shed the layer of dead skin right underneath it.

There's a good chance you've seen Dermaflash's ads while scrolling through Instagram, or perhaps you read about how Lizzo's makeup artist used it before applying the nominee's Grammys look. The company boasts that its namesake product is "the best at-home dermaplaning device to instantly reveal smoother, younger skin."

For the uninitiated, dermaplaning is an exfoliation procedure in which a dermatologist or esthetician uses a sharp, surgical blade to shave the hair off your face. The razor gets so close to your skin that it effortlessly removes the top layer of dirt and grime that topical treatments often can't dissolve. Your face will look pretty raw initially, but in a few days, your skin cells will turn over and you'll be left with flawless, glowing skin.

While in-office dermaplaning has been around for years, at-home products are just now spiking in popularity. Why? Well, getting your face professionally dermaplaned can run you anywhere from $100 to $250 . . . or you can get Dermaflash for $200 and just do it yourself. After seeing such smooth faces in my Instagram feed over and over, I had to call in a sample. Here are the results.

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