Obsessed With Beauty? Go as One of These Iconic Disney Characters For Halloween

Disney movies are a treasure trove of Halloween beauty inspiration, thanks to the colorful and imaginative characters. If you're still searching for the perfect costume, we suggest choosing a character from your favorite classic film that will allow you to have a ton of fun experimenting with your hair, makeup, or nails.

Pick Cruella de Vil if you've always secretly wanted to do something bold with your hair, or Snow White if you don't want to part with your signature red lip. Let your creativity run wild with these beloved characters.

Ahead, check out the best Disney Halloween costumes for beauty-lovers.

Princess Jasmine From Aladdin

The famous bubble ponytail that Jasmine wears in Aladdin came to life in this year's live-action version. If you'd prefer a pretty costume rather than spooky, clip in some extensions and tease your hair to create this iconic hairdo.

Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians

Is there anything more glamorous (and scary) than Cruella de Vil? Not only will this option give you an opportunity to try on green eye shadow and a red lip, but you'll also be able to color half your hair with a temporary white spray-on color.

Snow White

Love red lipstick? Make it the star of your beauty look by going as Snow White for Halloween. You can even make your costume spookier by envisioning the princess post-poison apple and adding rotting elements to your makeup.

Maleficent From Sleeping Beauty

Maleficent is one glamorous villain regardless if you go as Angelina Jolie's or the original green cartoon version. Add a dramatic smoky eye and long acrylic nails for a bold makeup look.

Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas

Go scary or sweet with Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas by painting on her stitches and red lips. Pick up a red-yarn wig to complete your rag doll monster look.