90 Magical Disney Tattoos That Will Inspire You to Get Inked

Attention fellow fans of the House of Mouse! If you can't get enough of Disney movies and feel most at home in a pair of mouse ears at your favorite park, then the next step to show off your ultimate fandom is to get a Disney tattoo. But what should you get? From the Disney princesses to Mickey and Minnie, from Lion King to Peter Pan, we found the best Disney-themed tattoos out there. Read on for whimsical ink inspiration featuring your favorite childhood characters, and trust us when we tell you that they are pure magic.

Additional reporting by Lauren Harano and Emily Orofino

Tiny Tink

Friendship Forever

Dreamy Aurora

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

Swimming Ariel

Stitch Sketch

Baby Simba

Daydreaming Alice

Pretty Princesses

Watercolor Stitch

Dancing Cinderella

Happy Tigger

"A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"

Icy Elsa

Mickey Love

Fairy Power

Aladdin and Jasmine

The Key to the Kingdom

Beach Bound Minnie and Mickey

Wizard Hat

Baby Pocahontas

Colors of the Wind

Happy Mickey

Zero to the Rescue

Little Stitch

Playful Dumbo

Gorgeous Jasmine

Halloween Mickey

Watercolor Sleeping Beauty

Beauty and the Beast Made Into One

Jasmine and Belle

Beauty and the Beast Glass-Encased Rose

"Don't Let Your Fears Take the Place of Your Dreams"

Let Down Your Hair

Mickey and Minnie Forever

Mulan With Color

Moana and Pua

To Infinity and Beyond

Delicate Snow White Sketch

Colorful Simba and Nala

Mulan Outline

Pocahontas and Meeko

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

The Flower That Blooms in Adversity

Fairest of Them All

Bubbly Chip

Mickey and Minnie Smooch

Rainbow Mickey

Look Inside Yourself

All the Colors of the Wind

Tale as Old as Time

I'm Late!

Rainbow Splatter

Matching Mouse Ears

Darling Dumbo

Thanks For Noticin' Me

Nothing but Love

Disneyland Magic

Pixie Key

Peter Pan, This Way

Floral Mickey

Fly Away Pooh

Fantasia Pony

Love Is a Song That Never Ends

The Claw!

Drink Me

Mulan Comb

Seeing Double

Take a Bite

Going Up

Disney Dole Whip


Let It Go

Bread and Butterflies

Beautiful Balloons

Mini Minnie and Mickey

Diminutive Dinglehopper

Cinderella's Snow Globe