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Doja Cat's Tattoos and Meanings

Doja Cat's Back Tattoo Is Her Biggest Design Yet

Doja Cat's Tattoos and Meanings
Image Source: Getty / Jeff Kravitz

Doja Cat is really leaning into this new tattooed version of herself. Just a few short months after inconspicuously debuting her first two tattoos on the red carpet of the 2023 Grammy Awards, the "Vegas" singer has added a handful of other designs to her collection.

It was on Feb. 5, 2023, that Doja Cat tweeted, "got my first tattoos today," without offering any other details, but fans didn't get a good look at the ink on her arms until her second wardrobe change at the award show. The initial tattoo, done on her inner left bicep, depicted what appears to be a fine-line style devil holding a pitchfork. Beneath this mischievous creature, Doja Cat showed off a dainty spider tattoo on her forearm, executed in a similar style, but slightly bolder and more noticeable in its placement.

Just a month later in March, the star added a cow skull tattoo to her inner wrist. Showing the design off on her Instagram Stories, she tagged celebrity tattooist Dr. Woo as the artist responsible for the art. But that isn't the end of her tattoo escapades. In May, Doja Cat gave fans a look at her newest additions: a key, poem, and skeleton on her arm, and a massive bat skeleton that covers the entirety of her back.

Although the devil and spider imagery is believed by some to be representative of themes like protection and strength, Doja Cat has yet to comment on the specific meaning of her tattoos. The meaning behind the bat, on the other hand, was divulged in the carousel of images on Instagram. And that doesn't even cover her full collection.

Considering Doja Cat is an artist who's been very forthright about her desire to escape other people's expectations — specifically when it comes to beauty — it's clear her tattoos are ones she loves. But that's only the beginning of her growing collection.

Read on to see all of Doja Cat's tattoos for yourself and learn their unique meanings.

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