This Gorgeous Pressed Flower Tattoo Takes Only Minutes to DIY

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We've seen many iterations of temporary tattoos, from Flash Tattoos to watercolor designs, and now we're positive we've seen the prettiest faux tattoo of all: pressed flower tattoos.

The application process is simple: first, find or make your own pressed flowers. You can DIY them in the microwave or by pressing them in between pages of a heavy book for a day or two. Using brush-on eyelash adhesive, apply the glue onto the skin to create your design. Then press on the flowers. Once you've finished your work of art, seal it by drying it for a few seconds with a hair dryer and spraying it with hair spray.

We were able to keep the look on for two days, even with showering, so it definitely has staying power and would be a fun way to dress up for a music festival or party.

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