Dua Lipa Elevated Her Neutral Manicure in the Coolest Way

Once again, we can't look away from Dua Lupa's cutting-edge nail art. The singer posted photos of the clever way she dressed up an otherwise neutral manicure on Instagram over the weekend. Lipa was wearing a warm brown shade that by itself would work as a versatile hue, but she took it to the next level with a 3D element. The singer had rhinestones placed in a half-moon shape around her cuticles.

This understated manicure is a departure from the brightly colored, illustrated nail art we're used to seeing from the star, but we love how wearable her current look is, too.

Check out her new manicure as well as some of her more elaborate nail art ahead.

Dua Lipa's Elevated Neutral Manicure