16 Easy Ways to Style Long Hair Over the Summer

For those of you that may not want to part with your long hair this Summer, don't worry. There are looks that are both pretty and will keep hair off of your face and neck on hot and humid days.

For example, adding accessories into your updo — like scarves and barrettes — will secure your hairstyle while keeping you on one of Summer's biggest hair trends. There are also simple ways to update go-to Summer hair looks, like the half-up top knot and the ponytail.

Ahead, check out our hairstyle ideas for long hair that will leave you cool for the Summer.

Using a Scarf as a Hair Accessory

Tie a scarf around your ponytail holder or weave it into a low bun. It adds a different texture to your Summer hairstyle.

Long Hairstyles With Barrettes

Hair accessories, particularly barrettes, are a standout hair trend this year. Add one encrusted with precious jewels or painted bright colors as an accent to your hair look.

High-Bun Hairstyles

Wearing your hair in a high bun will keep it off of your neck — the perfect hairstyle for days where it is just too damn hot outside.

Half-Up Topknot With Braids

Working in braids — like these single twists that flow from the actual knot or the strategically placed braids shown ahead — is a simple way to upgrade the Summer hairstyle.

Braided Ponytails

With braided ponytails, your long hair will stay out of your face while you're running to your next Summer adventure.