A Few Swipes of This $8 Mascara Give Me My Perfect Natural Lash Look

POPSUGAR Photography | Victoria Moorhouse
POPSUGAR Photography | Victoria Moorhouse
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On those horribly humid 90-degree summer days when stepping outside makes me feel like I just walked into a particularly unpleasant sauna, I fully lean on mascara to create my beauty look. Apart from sunscreen, CC cream, and brow gel, I have no interest in having anything else on my face. The fact is, most of my makeup winds up dripping off mere minutes after I've had the chance to apply it.

Since these weather characteristics are pretty standard during New York City summers, finding a mascara that defines, volumizes, and lifts my short lashes without flaking or smudging is key for my makeup game. I've found some real winners over the years, but my current favorite is the E.l.f. Cosmetics Big Mood Mascara ($8), which has been going viral on TikTok over the last few weeks. And honestly, I can completely see why. It has pretty much everything I need and want out of a tube of mascara.

Keep scrolling to read my full review of the E.l.f. Cosmetics Big Mood Mascara and find out why it's landed a permanent spot in my makeup routine.

About the E.l.f. Cosmetics Big Mood Mascara

  • The wand features an hourglass-shaped bristle brush with intertwining bristles.
  • The formula is infused with jojoba oil to condition the lashes.
  • Like all E.l.f. products, it is cruelty-free and vegan.
  • It's smudge-resistant and flake-resistant.

What I Like About the E.l.f. Cosmetics Big Mood Mascara

Because my lashes are super thin and tiny, I'm always hesitant about brushes that are large or fluffy; my fear is that they'll overwhelm my eyelashes and I'll be left with smudges to clean up with a Q-tip and micellar water. The Big Mood Mascara's brush is the exception to my past experiences. The wand's hourglass brush is dense but perfectly hugs my lashes and evenly disperses the creamy jojoba-wax-infused formula, which is meant to hold the lashes' curl.

Speaking of curls, I misplaced my eyelash curler a few months back, so it's a real treat when I find a mascara that gives my lashes a lift and subtle curve. Of course, this is on top of impressive fanned-out volume and eye-catching definition.

Just check out the photo below, which features one of my lashes completely bare and the other accented with Big Mood. With just a few swipes, I get long, separated lashes that pop — and look fresh and moisturized all day long. I've personally found that the formula is pretty buildable, which allows me to choose if I want a more natural look (which is what I went for in these pics) or something with a little more drama.

POPSUGAR Photography | Victoria Moorhouse

I applied the Black version, but Pitch Black supposedly gives you even more of a pigmented look. I also love that it's available in a mini, travel-friendly size that would fit perfectly in my tiny handbags and clutches.

How to Use the E.l.f. Cosmetics Big Mood Mascara

The brand recommends starting at the root of the lashes and moving upward in a zigzag motion, then applying additional coats as desired. If I want something more low-key, I stick with just one swipe, but if I'm looking for something more accentuated, I typically go for two or three layers, focusing on the outer corners to give my eyes a winged effect.

What to Consider Before Trying the E.l.f. Cosmetics Big Mood Mascara

This product features a big hourglass-shaped brush that's meant to add volume to lashes. It's great for creating bold looks, but it can occasionally be a bit difficult to coat every single lash because the brush is so large. If you're looking for a mascara that will help detail coat every single lash with mascara, know that this isn't that.

Where the E.l.f. Cosmetics Big Mood Mascara Is Available

The E.l.f. Cosmetics Big Mood Mascara is available directly from E.l.f as well as Target and Amazon.