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e.l.f. Cosmetics Body Oil to Try This Winter

Body Oils Are Transforming My Body-Care Routine This Winter

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Unlike the skin on my face, the skin on my body isn't usually too finicky when it comes to what products I choose. So in the winter, when my arms and legs have the potential to feel like sandpaper if I don't moisturize enough, I like to experiment with different body-care formulas.

I have a long list of favorites, but right now, I've got a serious thing for body oil.

I like to apply body oil immediately after the shower so it really sinks into and glides over my skin with ease. A body oil that absorbs quickly is a bonus for days when I'm super busy, but I generally don't mind waiting if they require a bit more time. The softening and moisturizing benefits are worth it. It makes the simple and essential step of moisturizing my body feel more like a pampering spa treatment.

In case you're looking to switch up your own body-care routine and swap your lotion for an oil, I've rounded up four worth checking out below.

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