These Coral-Lip Looks Are All Over My Vacation Mood Board

For as much as I like to kick back and go totally bare-faced during a beach vacation, I still like the option of zhuzhing up before dinner or an excursion — and that look usually entails a swipe or two of coral lipstick. It's the beauty product (other than SPF) that screams summer to me the absolute loudest.

There are corals that veer more pink, corals that appear more orange, and corals that truly fall perfectly in between those two bright and happy color families. I am partial to them all (especially a Creamsicle-y version) and have been plotting exactly which tube I'm going to wear every night on my upcoming island getaway.

I tend to wear my coral lipstick with a little mascara and nothing else, but a recent trip down the rabbit hole of Instagram taught me there are so many different ways to wear it and pair it.

In the event you're looking for some vacation makeup inspiration too, I rounded up a few of the coral lipstick looks that are all over my mood board right now.

Makeup artist Gita Bass paired Busy Philipps's orangey coral lipstick with full brows and natural-looking lashes.

Create a fresh and dewy makeup look with coral-hued gloss, or top off your favorite coral lipstick with a clear, high-shine gloss.

For a monochromatic look, pair your coral lipstick with blush and eyeshadow in a similar orangey shade like makeup artist Rachel Goodwin did for Gillian Jacobs.

Pack your eyeshadow palette and paint your eyelids in a pastel green. It makes an unexpected yet gorgeous pairing for coral lipstick.