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Try e.l.f. Cosmetics's New Fragrance-Free Skin Care

Dropping This Ingredient From My Daily Skin-Care Routine Was Game-Changing For My Skin

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Fragrance is one of my favorite product categories of the beauty industry. Despite having an entire dresser top covered with perfumes and eaux de cologne, I always stop by the fragrance counter when I'm in a department store. One of my favorite solo shopping activities is to smell a fragrance and try to guess which notes are in it before looking at the product description. (I'm proud to say that I usually get at least one of the notes correct.)

Unfortunately, my sensitive, frequently dry skin doesn't seem to have quite the same appreciation for fragrance as I do. Throughout the years, I've discovered (through side effects like stinging, burning, and redness) that many daily skin-care products that are made with fragrance don't always agree with the skin on my face. There have been exceptions to this rule and my skin wasn't always this sensitive in the past, but now I try to avoid fragrance in my facial skin-care products as much as possible.

In fact, after dropping products with fragrance, like certain moisturizers and serums, from my routine, the stinging and burning pretty much went away. I've also found that my eczema is less likely to flare up and my skin tone is more even when I'm using products free of fragrance. For me, these benefits greatly outweigh the delightful smell of a floral bouquet coming from my jar of face cream. Considering I still spritz fragrance onto my wrists and neck every morning, I don't really care if my moisturizer doesn't hold a scent.

What's more, the products that I've found to be the most effective in keeping my skin healthy and properly hydrated are all made without fragrance — a reminder that scent is separate from results.

If you, too, prefer fragrance-free formulas and need a restock of daily essentials, you may want to check out e.l.f. Cosmetics's latest skin-care collection, Pure Skin.

According to the brand, the line was dermatologist-developed and is entirely free of fragrance, plus over a thousand other banned ingredients.

It currently consists of a gentle cleanser, a hydrating toner, and a rich yet nongreasy moisturizer — check them all out below.

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