Talking to My Friends About Skin Care Reminded Me How Much I Love It Myself

Because I'm a beauty writer, discussing skin care in some capacity has pretty much always been a part of my job. Usually, these conversations take place on a professional or scientific level, like when I'm learning about a new product launch from a brand founder or when I'm interviewing a dermatologist for a story.

But not too long ago, I realized that I don't discuss skin care on a deep personal level quite as much, like with my close friends and family. It's ironic because I'm actually obsessed with learning about other people's skin-care routines and sharing my own. Even though I enjoy all the professional and clinical interactions that I have, I don't always jump into skin-care conversations purely for fun.

After reflecting on this for a bit, I started asking some of my close friends about their skin-care line-ups and how they felt about skin care in general.

In these conversations, I learned that many of my pals are also fascinated by skin care and other people's routines, while some are not. We talked about how our skin-care routines have evolved throughout the years and how sometimes the simplest products yield the most powerful results. We even talked about how our skin-care routines have been influenced by those we love.

These talks revealed some shared interests and amazing tips, but what they really did was remind me how much joy I get from skin care. They reminded me why I was drawn into this career in the first place and reinvigorated it as a hobby — and as something I can't wait to talk about with my friends and family. These conversations also reminded me that skin care at its very core is personal. Everyone approaches it a little differently.

Since then, I've found myself wanting to make more time for pampering products like face masks and bath salts. I currently need a restock of body wash, and I cannot wait to get to the drugstore to study all of the options in the aisle. I never thought I'd say this, but I might even share my current line-up on social media — even if no one asks.