Euphoria's Makeup Artist Just Launched a Product That You've Seen Jules Wear on the Show

Doniella Davy
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It's been nearly two years since Doniella Davy, makeup designer and department head for Euphoria, created the looks we now know and love from the HBO show's first season. Since the filming schedule for the series's second season was put on hold amid the coronavirus pandemic, Davy has had a lot of time to sit and brainstorm new covetable and avant-garde styles we're severely eager to copy. With that came the creation of her very-own makeup sticker collection inspired by one of the show's protagonists, Jules (played by Hunter Schafer). But these aren't just any stickers; these stickers were made in partnership with Phyllis Cohen, Face Lace creator. Sound familiar? It should — Cohen is behind a handful of recognizable stick-on details featured in the show (check out episode eight; those spiky stickers were dangerously cool). Now, Cohen and Davy are ready to introduce our newest obsession, one we're very much ready to play with. Meet Head in the Clouds.

Head in the Clouds is a limited-edition launch inspired by Davy's hand-drawn cloud design that first appeared in Euphoria's first season when Jules gushes to Rue (played by Zendaya) about her new online love, Tyler. Of course, that was just the beginning of that plot line and that now-beloved makeup look. Since then, many people have copied the fluffy shape (a fact Davy chocks up to the look's minimalist design), but now doing so will be a whole lot easier.

Not only does the collection utilize Cohen's unique stick-on approach, but it's also available in two new finishes: an iridescent holographic and sparkling silver glitter. You can layer it, mix and match each finish, wear it with or without makeup, you get the picture; the options seem endless and will definitely make you feel like you fit right in with the Euphoria crew (we can dream, right?). To get the full scoop on the launch, we spoke with Davy about collaborating with Cohen for the first time, teasing the new design in the most recent bridge episode about Jules, and why including Trans Lifeline was a no-brainer.

On Discovering Face Lace During Euphoria's First Season

On Discovering Face Lace During Euphoria's First Season

The relationship between Face Lace and Doniella Davy was in the stars — all it took was Euphoria to bring them together. Davy told POPSUGAR that was during the early stages of season one when she discovered the UK-based brand. "I was just trolling around on Instagram, seeing what cool stuff I need to know about and Face Lace came up," she said. "I immediately was like, I can really see this on Jules."

While Face Lace didn't make an appearance in every single makeup look in the series, the looks Davy decided to include the affordable decals in were definitely some of the most popular. Case in point: the intense red eye makeup Jules wore just before boarding the train in the season one finale. As if the script wasn't intense enough . . .

On Using Face Lace in "F*ck Anyone Who's Not a Sea Blob"

The two bridge episodes of Euphoria weren't just a surprise to the fans, but to Davy, too. Up until March of last year, Davy and the rest of the crew were on track to start filming season two in early 2020. Unfortunately, that was put on hold — along with Davy's many looks prepared for Jules. For over a year, Davy and Cohen had built a relationship and were preparing to collaborate on new looks for the second season. "I was starting to gather [looks], like I have a whole drawer of all these little designs," said Davy, noting that by that time, Cohen already created a new version of Jules's cloud makeup from season one. Then, she read the script for "F*ck Anyone Who's Not a Sea Blob" and realized it would be a perfect fit for the bridge episode and the continuation of Jules's season one storyline.

In the bridge episode, there are a lot of flashbacks to the first season. You can catch a glimpse of Davy and Cohen's updated cloud design when Jules's is sitting on her kitchen counter, doing homework, and discussing her mother's recovery. Almost immediately, fans would notice the fluffy shape they first saw over a year ago, only this time it was slightly holographic.

On Revisiting the Popular Cloud Makeup

On Revisiting the Popular Cloud Makeup

Yes, the cloud look was popular — it wasn't just recreated all over Instagram, but on runways, too — but that's not entirely why Davy wanted to recreate it with a Face Lace twist. According to Davy, it had a lot to do with the script and what Jules was emotionally going through. In the bridge episode, we caught up with Jules in therapy discussing what it was like to fall in love with someone who wasn't entirely real (reminder: Nate Jacobs is evil incarnate); this head-in-the-clouds mentality helped to inspire the name — Head in the Clouds — and it's inclusion in the episode. It's the same fantastical inspiration from Jules that spawned the cloud shape in season one, said Davy.

But Davy is also practical. As the makeup department head of the show, she knows that sometimes, speed is key. While as minimal as the original white liner cloud look was, Davy admitted that there were certainly some days that maneuvering drippy liquid white liner wasn't always the easiest behind the scenes. Cut to a stick-on design of the very same clouds.

On Donating Profits to Trans Lifeline

On Donating Profits to Trans Lifeline

The Head in the Clouds collection isn't only about helping Euphoria fans getting creative, but it's also about using her platform for good. Including Trans Lifeline was apart of the conversation of the Face Lace collection early on, said Davy. "Now that I have a little platform, I get to choose how I use it," Davy explained. "It was so exciting to partner with this artist [Cohen] who I love and have this first launch be this fun collaboration, it was sort of like, well, what if we also included a non profit organization that speaks to the community that Jules represents on the show?"

So, for the next year (until December 31, 2021) 10 percent of the profits from Head in the Clouds will be donated to Trans Lifeline, a grassroots hotline and non-profit organization that offers emotional and financial support for trans people in crisis.

On Creating New Looks For Euphoria Season Two

Although Davy isn't spilling any details about season two, you can assume there is a lot more to come. Davy shared in a recent Instagram video that she tries to draw as many parallels as possible between different looks for the characters, so the odds of us seeing another take on the cloud makeup are, we're guessing, very high. Even so, Davy told POPSUGAR that even if she had nailed down any full looks for the follow-up season there's a big possibility of them changing before filming officially begins.

The looks, Davy noted, depend heavily on the scripts as well as Sam Levinson, the showrunner. "Sam is super savvy about makeup," said Davy, adding that he'll even sometimes add notes into the script specifically referencing the kind of makeup the scene may call for. In addition to Levinson, Davy will share her ideas with the actors, too, which inspired her to create a brainstorming beauty binder. Yep, you heard that right. "I got this portrait made of Hunter and then I printed like a million copies," Davy explained. "I basically ended up designing 50 looks that could potentially work for season two, but they could also potentially not work." In other words, we'll just have to wait and see. Until then, we'll be rewatching the series approximately six more times while gluing makeup stickers to our eyelids as we pretend we are Jules.