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European Wax Center Cirefusion Therapie 135 Treatment Review

Why This First-of-Its-Kind Face Treatment Is So Worth It

We've partnered with European Wax Center to share the one face treatment everyone can warm up with.

If you look hard enough, you'll find that this world is filled with tiny luxuries. For some, it might be waking up late and still managing to hit every green light on their way to work. For me, it's a face treatment.

Of course, not all skin treatments are designed the same. As a beauty editor who has been lucky enough to try countless beauty innovations — from gimmicks to game changers — it's safe to say that a lot of the services out there aren't, dare I say, worth it. Even the triple-digit options at the most luxe spas and salons don't do my complexion (or bank account) any favors. But recently, I was introduced to European Wax Center's latest exclusive treatment, Cirefusion Wax Thérapie 135°™, and it changed everything I thought I knew.

European Wax Center is redefining how people think about treating their skin, starting with this heat-amplified, wax-powered face treatment. The first time I tried the treatment for myself, there were two things I couldn't believe: that it took less than 30 minutes to enjoy and that I find deep comfort while lying beneath a layer of warm wax. While the level of relaxation and ease I felt was a nice bonus, the real reason I ordered the service was because I needed a retouch.


Everyone knows the sign of a good face treatment is if it's customized. The patent-pending Cirefusion Wax Thérapie 135°™ service does exactly that, leaving patrons with revitalized results. Before getting started, I was first prompted to choose one of the three European Wax Center Cirefusion Thérapie 135°™ treatments: "Youth" is infused with pro-collagen peptides to deliver essential proteins into the skin, "Clarifying" uses fine-milled rice powder and botanical extracts to clarify and refine texture, and "Brightening" uses vitamin C and papaya extracts to brighten, soften, and smooth skin. My choice would then influence the rest of the products used in the routine (more on that to come).

When it comes to any kind of skincare treatment — whether it's at home or in a professional setting — I'm looking to do one thing: brighten. I'm the proud owner of combination skin, but my biggest concern typically ladders back to my dull complexion or the months-old acne marks and dark spots that linger on my jawline and chin. The Brightening Thérapie treatment wagered to address all of my concerns, guaranteeing both an immediate and long-term glow. The goal was for my skin to look healthier than it did the last time I actually got more than six hours of sleep, washed all of my makeup off before working out, and drank eight glasses of water in one day.


If the first step of Cirefusion Wax Thérapie 135°™ is choosing which of the three targeted bespoke options is right for you, then the second is to cleanse the skin. And when I say cleanse, I mean cleanse. Not only did my esthetician wipe the makeup off my face with two cleansing towelettes, but she also massaged my skin with the Purifying Gel-Lotion Cleanser. After the cleanser was removed, the esthetician misted my face with the Mineral Micro-Mist Toner. Once the toner sank in, she patted any residue left on my skin completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Here's where the treatment goes custom. Next, your choice of Cireceutical Strength™ Serum-Elixir Booster is applied. Depending on the Serum-Elixir choice made previously — Youth, Clarifying, or Brightening — a tiny ampoule of corresponding concentrated active ingredients will be smoothed onto the skin. (Like I said, I chose Brightening.) To lock in the active ingredients, a generous layer of a Booster Lock Cream was applied to prepare my skin for the imminent wax application.


Just because this treatment is fast doesn't mean it isn't relaxing. Immediately after the Booster Cream was applied, the esthetician used a facial roller to massage out any tension points. Then came the soothing under-eye patches that not only felt really good but also offered some added hydration underneath the wax.

If you find as much joy as I do from a 20-pound knit electric blanket, then you'll enjoy this treatment. Even if you don't, you'll find peace beneath the Thermaceutical Wax™, which is heated to a comfortable 135°F. While that sounds like it would burn your skin right off, it doesn't — trust me. Instead, it feels just like it would if you were sinking into a hot bath. Once my face was fully covered in the wax, a warming eye mask was applied on top of my eyelids. Do-not-disturb mode: activated.

After about five minutes of hand massages, the wax dried and was then gently peeled off my face. Disclaimer: this wax does not remove your facial hair. It's not that kind of wax — and thanks to the slick Booster Lock Cream as a primer, the full sheet of wax came off without a hitch.


Next, my skin was wiped of any wax residue, and another few spritzes of toner were misted over my face. While my skin was still damp, several dollops of the Brightening Serum-Elixir — the one I chose at the beginning of the treatment — were massaged onto my cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Thanks to the double dose of vitamin C and papaya extract, this fast-acting serum plumped and brightened my complexion almost immediately. In fact, the 30 minutes were just about up, and my treatment was complete.


By the end of the speedy treatment, my face was visibly glowing, like a just-got-really-good-news beaming sort of glow. While the entire treatment was rejuvenating — I'm still convinced I dozed off at one point, I was so relaxed — it's the wax and Serum-Elixir Booster I have to credit for the impressive results. Similarly to the way a cotton sheet mask locks in the kind of serum it's soaked in, the European Wax Center Thermaceutical Wax™ cocoons the skin while simultaneously assisting the proprietary concentrated Booster to penetrate deeper. By the time the finishing Serum-Elixir is applied, the skin is prepared to drink it in and shine.

Better than the fact that this treatment was so fast I could get it on my lunch break, you can actually bring home some of the products from the treatment, including the cleanser, toner, and Serum-Elixirs. Similar to the treatment, these products can be purchased only at participating European Wax Centers. Still, owning and incorporating these formulas, especially the Serum-Elixirs, into a daily routine is as crucial as getting the treatment by a professional. Using the products in the comfort of your own home is exactly how you'll maintain the glowing results, making your skin look brighter by the day.

Credits: Photographer: Tawni Bannister; Associate Art Director: Meg Konigsburg; Producer: Alex Friedlander; Wardrobe Stylist: Elise Sandvik; Hair + Makeup: Jacob Geraghty