This Giant Makeup Remover Pad Took My All of My Old Tan Off in One Quick Shower

POPSUGAR Photography | Tori Crowther
POPSUGAR Photography | Tori Crowther
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I take my fake tanning routine very seriously — both the application and the removal process. I mean, who wants to walk around with a patchy tan if it can be avoided? I know I certainly don't. Fake tan removal is all about exfoliation, whether that's a physical, gritty body scrub or a chemical peel that sloughs away dead skin cells. But scrubs and peels can be expensive and irritating for certain skin types, and here's the thing: a lot of them just don't work. You scrub and scrub, and you're still left with tell-tale orange streaks all over your arms and ankles.

I've tried it all when it comes to tan removal, so when the Face Halo Body ($22) landed on my desk, I instantly had high hopes . . . and also noticed how patchy my current tan was. I couldn't wait to scrub it all away.

I'm a fan of reusable makeup remover cloths, including the original Face Halo ($22 for three), which look like oversize cotton pads that can be used to take off the makeup on your face and eyes. Face Halo Body is essentially the same as the regular ones but much, much bigger — it slips over your hand almost like a mitten so you can easily scrub your arms and legs in just a few minutes. One side is made of the same cushy material as the original Face Halo; the other is slightly rougher in texture for stronger exfoliation.

I use the Face Halo Body while I'm in the shower, starting with the rougher side. Then I flip it over and use the softer side, adding a little body wash onto the pad. The Face Halo Body doesn't require any products, but I like to use a small amount of body wash to leave my skin feeling soft afterward.

Aside from being super effective at removing old fake tan, my favorite thing about it is that unlike a lot of body exfoliators, this one isn't a pain to clean. After one or two uses, I simply toss the Face Halo in the washing machine with my towels once a week, and it's ready for the next tanning prep session. It promises up to 200 washes, so although it's more expensive than most body scrubs, this tool will last you.

As you can see from the before-and-after photos (please don't judge me for the patchy old tan; I didn't realize it was that bad), it took off all of the old tan in one short shower. I threw out all of my old exfoliating mitts that were, upon reflection, way too harsh for my skin. The Face Halo Body is a welcome addition to my fake tan routine. I'll finally be able to bid farewell to streaky orange elbows and ankles for good.

POPSUGAR Photography | Tori Crowther