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Top 3 Piercing Trends For Fall 2020

The '90s Are Back With This Fall's Top Piercing Trends — Belly Button Piercings and All

Top 3 Piercing Trends For Fall 2020
Image Source: Getty / Merilyn Smith

Experts say the fall season is the best time to get a new tattoo or piercing, which means we're approaching the window for when you should be making your appointment. Every season, a new assortment of trends gain popularity, and this year is no different.

The biggest piercing trends for fall 2020 are just as much about the jewelry as they are the piercing location itself. Piercings are a great way to express your personal style and beauty vibe. Whether you're a minimalist and like to keep things simple when it comes to your piercings and the jewelry you use or you motto in life is "The more the better," there's a way to personalize all of the hottest fall trends.

Lori Leven, the founder of New York Adorned, predicts that three majors trends will emerge this season. "We're seeing people gravitate more to high karat yellow gold," she said. "People definitely want to bring the '90s look back. We're also seeing people request more unusual stones as far as body jewelry trends go."

As for piercings, the oldie-but-goodie belly button piercing is back and better than ever before. "It looks like a lot of navel piercings are going to be showing up on the beaches next summer," Leven said. "If you're excited to show this type of piercing off, now's the time to get it. It takes a bit of time to heal this one."

Ahead, we've rounded up inspiration for all three fall piercing trends.

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