10 Everyday Essentials This Beauty Influencer Doesn't Leave Home Without

Some people have backpacks, others have massive tote bags that could double as carry-on luggage, but no matter what your everyday bag looks like, we're betting it's filled with your favorite things — a survival kit of sorts. What's more, we'd double down that the items hiding in the pockets and tiny crevices are just as unique as the accessory itself. Because of this, we asked beauty influencer Morgan Brown to share with us what's in her bag.

Since she's a sustainable-beauty-lover and skin-care enthusiast, we're not surprised that her most-loved possessions focus on keeping her complexion protected and glowing all day long. Press play to check out what's taken up permanent residence in Brown's little black purse (spoiler alert: we counted not one but three beauty products) and the reasons she doesn't leave home without one of these 10 essentials.

What's inside your everyday don't-go-anywhere-without-it bag? We've partnered with Garnier to ensure you have everything you need before leaving home.