Glossier's Emotional Ad Sold Me on Its New Hand Cream, and Now I Can't Stop Using It

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About a month ago, I started noticing my hands becoming increasingly dry. I have never really had a problem with dry skin, so it took me a while to realize washing my hands nonstop to curb the spread of bacteria could be contributing to the problem. The overwashing left them with dry cracks, which were giving bacteria more entry points into my body through my hands, not to mention making them itchy and unsightly.

Thirty minutes after my realization, I took a deep dive into researching different hand creams on the internet. This was brand-new territory to me, so I wanted to be thorough in my research to figure out what product to purchase. Although I could use face or body lotion I already had lying around, I was looking for a thicker cream that would keep the layers of my hands moisturized throughout the day — without having to reapply globs of product every 10 minutes.

Fourteen internet tabs later, I stumbled upon Glossier's ad for its new Hand Cream ($18). It depicted various people completing their everyday activities using their hands, with an audio overlay of a mother leaving a voicemail to her son, asking him to stay safe and saying that she loved him. Knowing that this ad was produced during the COVID-19 pandemic, it struck a chord and gave me chills. As a Glossier fan — and after reading the reviews — I knew this product was worth purchasing.

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When I received my package a few days later, I couldn't smear the cream on my dry, cracked hands fast enough. The first thing I noticed was the cute and functional container. It was compact, easy to open with one hand, and leakproof. When I applied the product, my experience only got better. It was the perfect consistency for my hands — so thick it takes a few seconds to rub in, but not at all oily like some of my face creams. It took about seven seconds to absorb before I could continue typing on my computer without leaving greasy residue on my keyboard (my biggest pet peeve). The light scent reminds me of the Glossier You fragrance that I adore, and I find myself sniffing my hands throughout the day any time I use it. My boyfriend even comments that I smell especially good when I've applied it, which I can only credit to the hand cream since I haven't been wearing any perfume while staying at home.

Although I love the packaging, scent, and initial feel of the cream, it's the hydrating ingredients that make this product the real deal. It's loaded with meadowfoam seed oil and coconut fruit extract to lock in moisture that you would otherwise lose from overwashing your hands. I do wish the tube was bigger, but I've found myself using it sparingly because it is so emollient; a little goes a long way. After being convinced to purchase this product by the advertisement, I am so glad I did. You can go ahead and close the tabs on any other hand creams you've been considering.