Glow Up Season 2 Is Even Better Than the First, All Thanks to Its Amazing Cast of MUAs

Season two of Glow Up dropped on Netflix on Aug. 14 and as someone who's already binge-watched all eight episodes, I can confidently declare it's even better than the first.

In the reality competition, we're introduced to 10 new makeup artists from around Britain who aspire to become the next big makeup star. As they compete in various challenges, take part in editorial photoshoots, and even assist backstage at Fashion Week, their creativity is pushed to the limits and their makeup skills are tested. Each contestant is scrutinized and critiqued by two of Britain's most well-respected makeup artists in the industry: Val Garland, L'Oréal Paris global makeup director, and Dominic Skinner, global senior artist for MAC Cosmetic.

As the artists create makeup looks to fit different briefs and professional assignments, they work with traditional products, as well as body paints, prosthetics, and other totally out-there materials (like corks, aluminum foil, and ping-pong balls) — all to hopefully earn a "well done" from Skinner and a coveted "ding dong!" from Garland.

The makeup looks produced on the show are nothing short of amazing, but you can find even more inspiring creations on each of the artist's Instagram pages. Get a closer look at the Glow Up season two cast and where you can find them on Instagram, ahead.


Eve is a makeup artist from Liverpool who took a break from her day-job at a salon to compete on Glow Up season two. Throughout the season, she's pushed past her comfort zone of traditional makeup looks and learns to work with new material, all while impressing the judges with her positivity and ability to evolve.


James is a London-based makeup artist who worked in retail before coming onto the show. Throughout the series, he uses his drag experience and painting skills to create revolutionary makeup looks.


In one of the episodes in season two, Berny discloses that he used to raid his sister's makeup collection when he was younger. Now, he aspires to be a makeup artist and creative director.


Ophelia is a self-taught makeup artist who grew up in Hong Kong before moving to London to follow her dreams of becoming a professional makeup artist. Throughout the season, she hopes to prove to her parents that she can make it in the beauty world and that it's a real, viable career.


Hannah works at a computer desk job by day but goes on Glow Up in hopes to leave that life behind for a more creative path. Throughout the season, she impresses judges with her ability to use everyday objects and materials to transform her looks.


Shanice, from Essex, quit her office job to pursue a career in makeup after her daughter was born. Despite being a busy mom, she fits in creating bold makeup looks in Glow Up.


Brandon is a London-based makeup artist and hairstylist. He becomes known on the show for his bold and colorful makeup looks and even earns himself a few "ding dongs" from Garland throughout the second season.


Jake is a certified lash technician, tanning expert, and makeup artist from Cambridge. During the day, he works as a retail assistant. He's known for his ability to flawlessly apply false lashes and a full face beat.


Keziah is a full-time student and makeup artist from Bournemouth. Even before appearing on Glow Up she had 172K followers on her beauty Instagram, and that number has only increased since then.  


Ashley is a Scottish makeup artist who goes on Glow Up with dreams to work as a makeup artist for a TV show or movie. She likes to create vibrant, bright paintings using the face as her canvas.