We Thought Griff's Signature Bubble Braid Couldn't Get Any Better, Then She Added Pearls

  • The bubble braid has become Griff's signature hairstyle.
  • For the 2021 MTV EMAs, the singer dressed up her braid with a string of pearls.
  • Griff's makeup artist matched her hairstyle with a pearl highlight along her cheekbone.

There are a few things we love about Griff. Her music (obviously), her fashion, and her now-signature bubble braid. On Nov. 14, the singer stepped out on the 2021 MTV EMA red carpet wearing a nearly three-foot-long pearl-embellished bubble braid.

The hairstyle is nearly identical to the one that she wore at the Brit Awards back in May, which was covered in crystals. The braid comes courtesy of hairstylist Tomi Roppongi, who hasn't yet shared their tips on achieving the look. However, we can guess that it's created using small dome shapes to form the bubbles with the hair wrapped around them. Once all the domes are secured, it's probably then finished off with a string of pearls fastened onto the top and bottom hair elastics.

The pearls didn't stop at her ponytail, either. Griff's makeup artist then added 11 flat-back pearl embellishments along her left cheekbone, too, creating a three-dimensional highlight. We can't get enough of this version of her bubble braid, and can't wait to see what others she comes up with in the future. For a closer look at Griff's pearl-adorned hairstyle for the 2021 MTV EMAs, keep reading.