We Had to Do a Double Take When We Saw Hailee Steinfeld's New Bangs

Hailee Steinfeld and her new bangs are here to bring some big Sagittarius energy to your timeline. The singer and Dickinson actress revealed her new hairstyle via Instagram on Jan. 22. Judging by her two most recent posts, it looks like she wore the style for her shoot with L'Officiel Paris, where she appears as a cover star of the magazine's Beauty Zodiac issue. At first glance, one might assume the style is an actual haircut, but Steinfeld's hairstylist, Michael Silva, revealed via Instagram Stories that she was actually wearing temporary bangs, which can be created using clip-ins or by bobby pinning the hair and securing it at the top of the head. Silva didn't specify the exact steps he took to achieve the look for Steinfeld, but either way, she still looks amazing.

Take a look at Steinfeld nailing the hairstyle in the video above.