We Knew Hailey Bieber's Skin Was Magic, but We Had No Idea She Goes to a "Skin Witch"

Celebrities have a ton of tricks up their sleeves when it comes to achieving the glowiest skin of their lives, but even we were surprised to find out one of Hailey Bieber's go-to methods. The model gave her 24 million followers an inside look at part of her skincare routine on Tuesday, when she documented her trip to the Skin Worship skincare clinic in Beverly Hills.

In a video shared to her Instagram Stories, Bieber receives the Neurotris Lifting Facial at the hands of Emma Goodman, who calls herself the "Skin Witch" in her Instagram bio. The Neurotris Lifting Facial, as described on Skin Worship's official website, is an advanced treatment that uses microcurrents to stimulate the facial muscles and improve the skin's elasticity and collagen stimulation. Goodman shared Bieber's video to her feed shortly after administering the treatment to further detail its benefits and explain why she recommends it to all of her young clients.

"Start #Microcurrent in your 20's to strengthen and tone the muscles into your 30's your 40's and beyond," Goodman wrote. She added: "Consistency is key! Just like working out, you won't see results right away (you may with facials, added bonus!) but with consistency you will achieve beautiful and healthy muscles under your skin. It's harder to undo damage once it's done and way easier to prevent!"

This is where we'll note that the Neurotris Lifting Facial is a luxury treatment that obviously not everyone can afford once a month. If you're willing to splurge though, the price tag is $300. Get a peek at the treatment in Goodman's video above.