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Best Natural Ingredients to Use in Your Self-Care Regimen

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Source: Hair Food
We've partnered with Hair Food to help you build a self-care regimen that naturally nourishes your hair in the bathroom and your body in the kitchen.

Sometimes, taking care of your body is intuitive — like knowing you need a nourishing comfort meal after a long, hard day. Other times, it's calculated purely on your mood — like treating yourself to a conditioning hair mask because today feels like a good hair day. But what about those times you don't want to think or decide and just want to do? That's when a self-care recipe comes in handy. Because yes, taking care of your body can be as easy as following a few preprepared steps.

Before we get to your personalized recipe, help us by answering a few questions about how you typically like to take care of your body, hair, and skin. From there, we'll determine a beauty recipe tailored just for you, starring the hero ingredients and corresponding products that will help you feel like your best self inside and out. Now, sit back and relax!

What self-careactivity helps youfeel your best? Working out Aromatherapy Drinking tea Eating a snack Taking a bath When it comes tohair care, what'syour biggestpriority? Protect for vibrantcolor Purify and cleanse Nourish and volumize Smooth and soften Condition andhydrate What's your go-tosnack when you needa pick-me-up? Fruit and granola Lavender tea Coconut water Avocado toast Yogurt with fruitand honey What's your favoriteway to pamper yourskin? Gua sha Facial steaming Dermarolling Face mask Facial massage For you, the purposeof a self-caresession is to feel: Energetic Calm Nourished Healthy Luxurious What type of scentappeals to you themost? Fruity Floral Spicy Nutty Citrusy