The Top Hairstyle Trends For 2023

When it comes to 2023 beauty, the makeup is going to be more experimental, the skin-care trends will be smarter, and the top haircuts will be nods to the past. As for the top hairstyle trends of 2023, you can expect to see a harmony of old and new and really hone your signature look.

This year will be all about taking care of your hair and sharpening your signature look, as well as experimenting with new styles and being playful. What that translates to could be anything like fun and classic updos (like the "balletcore bun" and braided ponytail), old-meets-new looks resurrected from the 1970s (think "fluffy hair" and "disco curls"), and, possibly buzziest of all, the return of the deep side part — and that's only the beginning. Oh, and before you ask: no, hair accessories aren't going anywhere.

Keep scrolling for more insight from the pros on the top hair trends 2023 that you need to know about, plus inspiration photos for each one to get you excited to try something new.

2023 Hairstyle Trend: Deep Side Parts

Despite being shunned by Gen Zers just a few years ago, side parts are getting another chance in 2023. The trend has begun making its way back onto red carpets and magazine covers, depicting its promising return. "Side partings are not just fashionable but incredibly flattering," Cliphair's trends expert Brenda Lee Intignano says. They are flattering on everyone and give your look a touch of instant glamour.

2023 Hairstyle Trend: Disco Curls

Another retro style from the late '70s, "disco curls" will quickly become a go-to for all special occasions. Birthday parties, date nights, holidays — you name it. "'Disco curls' are all about decibel-blasting volume and defined curls, especially around the face," celebrity hairstylist Clayton Hawkins previously told POPSUGAR.

This hairstyle is perfect for all hair types: if you have wavy or straight hair, you'll need a 0.5-inch curling iron; if you have curly and coily hair, you should be able to get the look by playing up your natural texture.

2023 Hairstyle Trend: "Indie Sleaze" Waves

The "indie sleaze" aesthetic has already taken over the world of makeup but it's slowly creeping its way into hair. Indie-sleaze waves are similar to beachy waves but grittier and messier.

2023 Hairstyle Trend: Barbie Ponytail

Blame it on the upcoming "Barbie" movie, but the Barbie ponytail is having a major moment. This sleek updo hairstyle is a celebrity favorite and is perfect for all occasions.

2023 Hairstyle Trend: Braided Ponytails

Braided ponytails are popping up everywhere — from New York Fashion Week to the Super Bowl halftime show on none other than Rihanna herself. This classic hairstyle is getting some much-deserved attention for 2023.

2023 Hairstyle Trend: Threaded Micro Braids

These teeny-tiny braids were super popular in the 2000s, and they've been resurrected by celebrities like Laura Harrier, Marsai Martin, Zoë Kravitz, and Alicia Keys. Micro braids are small, individual braids that "resemble a thick strand of hair," Jessica Houston, vice president of operations and lead aesthetician at natural beauty supply store Beautybeez, previously told POPSUGAR. The protective style can be worn down, in updos, as part of larger braids — there really are endless possibilities.

2023 Hairstyle Trend: Fluffy Blowout

The fluffy hair trend is all over TikTok and will continue to trend in 2023. This '70s-inspired look is big, luscious, and bouncy. The key to this hairstyle is using a round brush to blow out hair, giving it a feathered look. What we love about it is it continues to look good on second-, third-, and even fourth-day hair with a little dry shampoo.

2023 Hairstyle Trend: Balletcore Buns

Following Barbiecore, "balletcore" has taken over our social media feeds with clean, minimal hair, makeup, and nail trends. We'll be seeing a lot more slicked-back ballet buns popping up as the preferred updo style in 2023. This particular look can be worn anywhere on the back of the head — high, low, or directly in the middle. The style is perfect for all hair types and textures.