Halsey Is Giving Us Major Paramore Vibes With Her New Orange Mullet

Halsey just gave us flashbacks to the 2000s, and it's all thanks to her latest haircut and color.

On 19 Jan., the singer-songwriter posted a selfie on her Instagram showing off her new fiery orange-hued mullet, and we can't be the only ones getting Paramore vibes. Turns out, however, that the new hue in actually inspired by Milla Jovovich's character in the Fifth Element, according to the person who gave Halsey the bold shade. "Fifth element meets goth punk couture.... just a l👀k", colorist Martin-Christopher Harper called the vibrant shade on Instagram. It's not clear yet whether the new style is a wig or a total hair change using extensions, but either way, we're obsessed.

Of course, experimenting with hair colors and beauty is nothing new to Halsey. She's tried everything from a colorful buzzcut to rainbow bangs. More recently, Halsey has been showing off some fun makeup looks created using her new makeup line, About-Face.

BRB, adding this to our ever-growing list of favorite Halsey hair moments.

Instagram | iamhalsey