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Our Editors Pick Their Sunscreen Essentials For Summer

5 Editors Share the Summer Plans They're Dreaming of and the Essentials to Go Along With Them

We've partnered with Hawaiian Tropic to share the sunscreen essentials our editors can't live without for summer.

It's becoming obvious that this summer season will likely look very different from those of years past. Even while taking all the safety measures one should, our editors are dreaming of their perfect summer plans. Whether they actually get to partake in them or not, the idea alone is a hopeful one that has all of us looking forward to something. (And if that's not self-care, we don't know what is.)

With that comes their dream summer packing lists, filled with seasonal essentials they know they wouldn't usually go anywhere without, especially if it's above 60 degrees outside. For now, they're staying home, but when life as they knew it resumes and their summer plans strike, this is what they plan on having with them.

Ahead, five POPSUGAR editors share the summer essentials they're devoutly loyal to, including their go-to sunscreens from Hawaiian Tropic (because even if they can't go on their beach vacation, they know SPF is a must).


"I'm missing a lot of people in my life right now, but nothing compares to the excitement I have to see my family again (eventually). Whenever everything seems bleak, I think about the first day we'll have out on the lake back in my home state of Connecticut, all of us crammed onto a pontoon boat to bask in the sun and swim in the borderline-swampy water I clearly took for granted before.

"The small joy of packing up the car with everything we'll need for a very long day is perhaps my new favorite daydream. First, I know I won't let my family anywhere out of the shade without sunscreen. The family-favorite option is always the Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Clear Spray Sunscreen. The spray bottle is easy enough to cover all the kids without them complaining and makes reapplication a cinch. I basically forgo any real clothing at that point, packing at least two comfortable one-pieces from Youswim and an oversize sweatshirt for a breezy s'mores-filled night. The aforementioned water also shockingly makes my hair incredibly shiny, but very tangled, too. With that in mind, I always keep a Tangle Teezer on deck for brushing out any knots (or unidentifiable lake life that's found its way into my hair)."


"As soon as I'm able to see my friends again, I'm packing my trusty Baggu Duck Bag and hightailing it out to the Hamptons for a weekend at my friend's family home. We usually play lawn games like croquet until we can't stand the heat, then splash around the pool to cool off. We go all out with the pool floaties, too; inflatable flamingo drink holders are a personal favorite. Of course, applying and reapplying Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Weightless Face Sunscreen is a must to keep my skin safe!"


"My family and I had a trip to Hawaii planned for my birthday this past spring that was postponed until we can all be together again. As soon as it's safe, we're rebooking the trip and jetting off to Kauai! We all like to stay active, even on vacation, so I already know there will be plenty of hiking, waterfall-hunting, and kayaking on the agenda. I'll be packing a Sidway Susan Square Neck swimsuit, my comfy and breathable Agolde Criss Cross Upsized Shorts, Arizona Love Trekky Bandana Sandals, and a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Ultra Radiance Lotion Sunscreen to keep me protected no matter what activity I'm doing. I love that the formula is reef-friendly, water-resistant, and not greasy (I can easily layer on clothes after I apply)."


"Once we can safely leave our homes again and venture out into the world, I can't wait to do just that — venture out into the world! I plan on embracing New York City like never before, exploring new neighborhoods, trying new restaurants, and enjoying it all with friends I haven't seen IRL in months. One of my first activities will be brunching al fresco; basking in the sunshine with a mimosa, a plate of fries, and great company.

"To protect myself from summer rays, you can bet I'll be wearing my trusty Ray-Ban Wayfarers along with Hawaiian Tropic Antioxidant Plus Refresh Sunscreen Mist. I love how this sprayable SPF makes for a quick and easy application when you're on the go, and that its oil-free formula makes it safe to use on both your body and face. For all-day walking in style, I'll wear my no-fail Brooke platform sandals from Naturalizer. I wore them almost nonstop last summer and had no blisters whatsoever, which is a major win for me. And of course, an outdoor city day isn't complete without a perfectly sized tote bag to stash all of my essentials. I'm partial to this canvas style from J.Crew."


"I was planning to spend the summer going to outdoor concerts with friends and strolling farmers' markets on Sunday mornings. It's safe to say that those activities won't be resuming anytime soon. While social distancing with my family down in Florida, I'll probably need to spend some much-needed time alone, and I can't think of a better way than perfecting my paddleboarding skills. Before heading out onto the water, I'll be wearing my trusty Adidas hat to help keep my hair up and out of the way. To prevent a burn, I'll be packing a bottle (or two) of Hawaiian Tropic Matte Effect Mineral Enriched Sunscreen Lotion. Unlike some other greasy formulas, this sunscreen is enhanced with minerals and leaves a matte finish, so when I sit in the sand for a much-needed rest, the sand won't stick to my body. Plus it's reef-friendly for when I inevitably fall in the water. Afterward, I'll be beachside, lounging on this palm-tree-printed towel with a can of JuneShine Acai Berry kombucha, packed with antioxidants to help me refuel (plus a bit of alcohol to help me cool off)."