According to 1 Vlogger, Aloe Vera Can Give You Beach Waves While You Sleep

By now, you probably know that aloe has earned its place right beside coconut oil as a holistic beauty treatment for just about every part of your body. From soothing your under-eyes to deodorizing your feet, the plant does it all. We already knew that liquefied aloe vera clears dandruff, but beauty vlogger Farah Dukai just schooled us in even more uses for the plant thanks to a wet hair tutorial on Instagram.

In an Instagram video that was later shared by Huda Kattan, Farah mixes aloe vera with sweet orange essential oil to create a leave-in conditioner. She begins by scooping the gooey inside of the plant into a blender and adding 10 drops of the essential oil. Farah then blends the ingredients together to a water-like consistency ("give it a minute," she advises — it can take some time for the blob to liquefy).

After pouring the mixture into a spray bottle and then — procrastinators take note — refrigerating for two weeks, Farah spritzes the formula all over her strands. There's no technique or form that goes into this all-over spraying, and according to Farah, you can go as crazy as you want with it because "it won't make your hair look greasy." If your hair is naturally curly, you're done! Go to bed. If it's not, braid your hair and you'll wake up to gorgeously wet-looking, healthy, and effortless beach curls.

If you happen to get the mixture on your face, all the better, Farah says. "Aloe is called the immortality plant for a reason," she writes. Since aloe contains beta carotene and vitamins C and E, the plant works as both an antiaging serum and acne-fighter.

This hack looks so easy, and it's reaffirming our love for succulents. Since an aloe vera plant can cost as little as $3, we are completely sold on testing this method — especially since it involves sleep.