Ilia Just Dropped a Volumizing Mascara, and It's My New Holy Grail Product

POPSUGAR Photography | Lisa Peterson
POPSUGAR Photography | Lisa Peterson
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Claims of "revolutionary" new mascara wands and formulas don't often pique my interest. I've been regularly applying mascara to my lashes for over a decade now, so I assume I've seen seen nearly every variation of what a wand, some black pigment, and a couple of thickening waxes can do to my overall appearance.

When it comes to formulas I trust to get the job done, Ilia's Limitless Lash Mascara ($28) has been my go-to for length and separation sans eye irritation, and I didn't expect to switch it up any time soon. In fact, I've come to rely on a whole stable of the clean beauty brand's versatile and highly blendable offerings, from the Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 Foundation ($48) to the Multi-Stick Cheek & Lip ($34). When I stumbled upon Ilia's newest product while scrolling through Sephora (as one does), I slammed the "place order" button on the Fullest Volumizing Mascara ($28) faster than you can blink.

POPSUGAR Photography | Lisa Peterson

Wearing one coat of Ilia's Fullest Volumizing Mascara and a touch of Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40.

With its sleek beige tube and mega-fluffy hourglass brush (Ilia actually describes it as "violin-shaped" in the product description . . . chic), I was impressed at its initial look. The application, though, is truly something else. The wand carries just the right amount of product, and I never have to wipe (read: waste) big globs of mascara from the bristles before application.

Once on my lashes, this product packs a volumizing punch without the usual pitfalls of thickening formulas. No clumping, no fallout, no greasy gray streaks under my eyes after a full day of wear. Ilia's Fullest Volume Mascara ($28) contains everything I love about the original Limitless Lash mascara with a touch more drama. A revolutionary mascara exists after all.