This Makeup Artist Created a Beauty Brand For People With Albinism, and It's About Time

When Jennifer Reneé, an albino beauty influencer known to her followers online as J. Reneé, grew tired of not seeing brands that catered to people who look like her, she devised a plan to fix things. That's when her all-new beauty brand Ivoree Beauty came into the picture.

Per a report from Dazed, Reneé launched Ivoree Beauty earlier this month as a way to reach out to a community that's long been underrepresented in beauty. "We don't see albinism represented around us in a normalized way," Reneé said in an interview. "It's usually depicted with evil, magical, albino characters in films, but now there are fashion models with albinism, [and] it can be seen as beautiful. We still want to have the same selection of products in our shades and see more inclusion in marketing."

Before birthing her new brand, Reneé spent time doling out beauty tips to a Facebook group specifically for people living with albinism, and one complaint that was pretty common among those active was the lack of options available in terms of false eye lashes. With this in mind, Ivoree Beauty launched two sets of mink lashes: a blond shade called Blondee and a white shade called Icee. Both sets retail for $19 online, though they're currently on sale for $15 each.