No Big Deal, Just Jameela Jamil Revealing She Did Her Own Makeup For the Emmys

Jameela Jamil's cool disposition seems to extend to her beauty routine — even when she's getting ready for a special occasion like, say, the 2019 Emmys. The actress attended the star-studded event on Sept. 22 wearing a seafoam green gown, which she paired with coral lipstick and winged eyeliner. In an interview with E! on the red carpet, Jamil revealed she actually did her makeup herself, which is fairly unheard of for award shows these days.

Not only that, but Jamil also said she often did her own makeup while portraying Tahani Al-Jamil on The Good Place after she realized how early she'd have to wake up to get to set, only to then sit in the makeup chair for hours as she got her makeup professionally done. We see her dedication to getting extra sleep, and we respect it. Ahead, check out photos of Jamil's lovely Emmys makeup look.