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Jennifer Aniston's Best Beauty Advice Interview

Jennifer Aniston's Advice to Her 20-Year-Old Self: "Don't Take Your Skin For Granted"

Jennifer Aniston's Best Beauty Advice Interview

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Jennifer Aniston has lived more lives on screen than a bodega cat. Rachel Green, Rosie Dickson, Alex Levy — the list of dynamic characters is sweeping, as is her ensuing beauty know-how. (Guess that's what happens when you've got three decades worth of acting experience and access to every hairstylist, makeup artist, and Aveeno body moisturizer on the planet, huh?)

Like anything else in life, though, the secret, she told us, is balance. Balance between getting regular facials but not stressing over what you look like; between living your life in the public eye while simultaneously maintaining your privacy. It's the reason she's famously stayed off Instagram — but even she's the first to admit it's not a forever thing: "I'm sure it's something I won't be able to resist forever," she laughed. "Let's face it, it doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. And who wants to be left behind? But there's a way to use it responsibly."

That kind of wisdom is what she's imparting ahead — from the exact shade of lipstick Rachel would have kept in her makeup bag on Friends to the beauty advice she'd give her 20-something-year-old self (when the rain starts to pour).

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