Jennifer Lopez Has Had So Many Great Nail Art Looks, We Can't Pick a Favorite

One the scale from one to Jennifer Lopez for how extra we like our beauty looks, we aim for J Lo, always. Whenever she steps on the red carpet or shows up at a major event, we look forward to seeing her nail art, makeup, and hair just as much as we do her outfit. But, if there's one area in particular that Lopez especially excels, it's with her nail looks.

Her go-to manicurist Tom Bachik is the mastermind behind the star's best designs, including her blinged-out Super Bowl mani and pretty much any award show you can think of. From intricate patterns to nail art using Swarovski crystals, J Lo has had so many great mani moments it's hard to keep track. Even when she does opt for a single paint color, she stays on-trend — and sometimes even predicts the next best thing — with her tips.

Whether you're looking for nail inspiration for your next manicure appointment or just a major stan, we rounded up Lopez's best nail looks for you to browse, ahead. (We recommend getting comfortable first — there are a lot.)

Jennifer Lopez's Chanel Nail Art

Lopez's debuted a white manicure dressed up with the Chanel symbol on her ring finger while judging the NBC World of Dance.

Jennifer Lopez's Neon Yellow Nails

Hopping right on the latest Spring trends, Lopez showed off a bright, neon yellow manicure in March.

Jennifer Lopez's Magenta Nail Color

For the 2020 Independent Film Awards, Lopez matched her magenta manicure with her dress.

Jennifer Lopez's Glitter Nail Polish

At the 2020 Oscars, Lopez wore a sparkly nude nail color.

Jennifer Lopez's Crystal Nail Art

For her 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show performance, Lopez's nails were decked out with Swarovski crystals.

Jennifer Lopez's Nude Nail Color

For the 2020 Critics' Choice Awards, Lopez wore a shiny neutral nude nail color.

Jennifer Lopez's Bright Yellow Nail Color

At the start of March 2020, Lopez rocked the biggest nail polish trend of the Spring season: yellow.

Jennifer Lopez's Soft French Manicure

Lopez's Golden Globes french manicure for the red carpet was inspired by old Hollywood glam.

Jennifer Lopez's Shimmery French Manicure

For the 2020 Golden Globes afterparty, Lopez put a twist on her classic french manicure by giving it a sparkly finish.

Jennifer Lopez's Versace Nail Art

Lopez teased her Versace campaign at the start of 2020 with this New Year's Eve manicure.

Jennifer Lopez's Pink Nail Color

Lopez matched her iredscent pink nails to her pink and green gown at the 2020 Palm Springs Film Festival Awards Gala.

Jennifer Lopez's Black-and-White Nail Art

Lopez rocked black and white pointed nail art with gem decals for her "Medicine" music video.

Jennifer Lopez's Nails for the "Medicine" Music Video

Then, she switched it up for the "Medicine" music video with an all-black manicure featuring a different rhinestone decal on each finger.

Jennifer Lopez's Nude Nails

At the LA screening of Home, Lopez wore the perfect nude manicure.

Jennifer Lopez's Sparkly Nude Nail Color

For the American Idol Finale, Lopez wore a sheer nude manicure with a veil of glitter.

Jennifer Lopez's Pearly White Nails

Lopez tried out one of the latest trends — pearly white nails — with an iridescent nail polish shade that catches the light.

Jennifer Lopez's Pink Ombre Nail Art

For the American Music Awards in 2014, Lopez wore a sparkly pink ombré nail design.