Jennifer Lopez on Her New Fragrance and the Bronzer That Gives Her *That* Glow

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It might not surprise you that Jennifer Lopez was glowing at the launch event of her new fragrance, Promise. (That is, after all, what we have come to expect from the star, who made the term synonymous with her persona back in 2002.) What might catch you off-guard, however, is the inspiration behind her new scent.

She told those in attendance of the perfume launch event that the idea came to her at a dinner with businessman Warren Buffet, who told her, "A brand is a promise."

It's that phrase that fueled Lopez's 25th fragrance and what she said made it different from her previous one, J.Lo Glow. "There's something about, 'A brand is a promise,' that made me think about life in a bigger way and what we're saying to people with our actions, how we live [it], and what we choose to do with [it]," she said.

Promise is a blend of woody, floral, and fruity notes that smell sweet at first spritz. With longer wear, it fades into something sexier — a warm scent of sandalwood and amber that mixes in with your natural fragrance.

At the event, she also revealed what bronzer she turns to for her famous look. When asked about the one makeup product she couldn't live without, she responded with, "There's a Serge Luten bronzer that I love."

Lopez's Promise Pop-Up in New York is for today only, giving you the chance to experience her shining moments including her various music award wins, iconic films, and that Versace dress. Immerse yourself in what makes Lopez glow ahead.

Promise by Jennifer Lopez

Promise by Jennifer Lopez

Promise by Jennifer Lopez ($22-$65) is coming to Ulta on Sept. 26.

Promise by Jennifer Lopez ($22-$65)

Serge Lutens Blusher

Serge Lutens Blusher

Serge Lutens Blusher ($170) doubles as a bronzer, according to the brand.

Jennifer Lopez For Promise