You Might Have President Biden's Go-To Desert Island Beauty Product in Your Bag Right Now

Lip gloss and mascara wouldn't exactly be priorities on a desert island, but that doesn't mean you should rule out beauty products altogether from your packing list for an unexpected tropical getaway. During an interview with beauty influencer Manny Gutierrez, alongside Dr. Anthony Fauci, POTUS discussed the importance of getting the COVID-19 vaccine and shared what his go-to skincare product would be if he were stranded on a desert island.

While President Biden was hoping the question would be more along the lines of who he'd bring with him to a desert island (his wife, Dr. Jill Biden!), he did have one beauty product in mind. "I happen to be Irish, so I think my wife, before I headed to that island, would tell me that 'You'd better bring some sunscreen.' I think that's the one product I would bring," he said.

Skin care is essential, and the products you put on your skin make all the difference under the sun-streaked palm trees. So we will definitely keep President Biden's top beauty pick in mind should we ever find ourselves trapped on the beach like the cast of The Wilds. Ahead of summer, take a peek at some of our top sun-care recommendations here.