Joey King Has Had a Busy Day: "Who Has Short Hair Now and Voted Today?!?! This Gal"

It's been a busy day full of errands for Joey King. Not only did she drop off her early mail-in ballot for the 2020 election, but she also got a major haircut. Instead of the long, layered style she's sported for the last few months, King is now rocking a short, soft, blunt bob.

In a carousel of images posted on Oct. 8, King showed off her new hairstyle, complete with the "Vote" face mask that she wore to the salon. "Who has short hair now and voted today?!?! THIS GAL," read the caption. The second image she shared was of the designated box in Los Angeles where she dropped off her completed ballot and a thumbs up.

King is no stranger to short hair or experimenting with her look. Over the years, she's had everything from a buzz cut to bleached-blond hair, pink highlights, and bangs — and she always looks amazing.