Jonathan Van Ness's Stiletto French Manicure Is the Perfect Homage to His Love of Cats

Jonathan Van Ness is Queer Eye's beauty and grooming expert. He is also a lover of cats. In fact, his primary assistant is the gray-and-white tuxedo Harry Larry (who he once said has a secondary occupation as a meteorologist). Van Ness somehow married two of his great loves in his Halloween costume, which was complete with claw-like nail art.

He dressed up as a red-and-orange cat for the holiday, debuting a set of stiletto-shaped nails with ombré french tips, a look that transformed the classic manicure — which has experienced a surge in popularity among celebrities this year — into a gradient design. Van Ness's nails were created by celebrity manicurist Mei Kawajiri, who posted close-ups to her Instagram.

Though Van Ness decided to wear it on extralong nails, the nail art has proven to look great on all lengths. If you're still not convinced to try the trend, instead, indulge in the photos of Van Ness wearing it while nuzzling Harry Larry ahead.

Jonathan Van Ness's Stiletto Ombré French Manicure