Kaia Gerber on Dyeing Her Hair Punk Pink: "I Wanted to Look Like Kurt Cobain"

If you could dye your hair any color, what would it be? For Kaia Gerber (and a handful of other celebrities, actually), that color would be "punk pink." Gerber has used this time at home to experiment with beauty and tried a few different hair changes along the way. She attempted natural, chunky highlights; she took her brunette hair full platinum blond; and now, she's gone pink — but not without a little help.

Celebrity hairstylist Guido Palau helped Gerber tackle her latest hair transformation over a guided Zoom session. During the call, she admitted she's always wanted pink hair but been too afraid to bleach her brown hair by herself. "If it goes wrong, at least I can blame you and not myself," she said to Palau over video.

As Gerber started applying the pink dye to her wet hair, Palau offered tips, but mainly moral support. During the downtime while the color was sitting, Gerber told Palau, "In the span of quarantine, everything that I've never done, like, with my hair — I just was like, all right, I'm going to get highlights, and then I'm gonna make it blond, and then I'm gonna fully bleach it, and then I'm gonna get a mullet, and now we're pink. I've always loved people who just, like, do whatever they want with their hair."

Because Gerber focused the pink color on the ends of her hair, the final result was a punk-inspired brown-to-pink ombré, which she revealed was inspired by Kurt Cobain. "Honestly, the first time I had you cut my hair was because I wanted to look like Kurt Cobain," Gerber said. "Slowly every year, I take another step."