Katy Perry Shares Her Secret to Feeling Happy About Your Looks

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"We took a picture together after your concert last Summer," I tell Katy Perry as her iconic pinup-girl face and lavender hair flashes across my laptop via a Skype conversation.

"So we swapped saliva?" she jokes, not breaking her flirty stage persona.

Though Katy is a prevalent influencer in both the music and beauty industries, I learned quickly that she has no problem getting real (even if that means doing an impression of a frog!) and dishing her personal grooming and life hacks.

When it comes to beauty, Katy is ahead of the curve. She's a red-carpet darling for her rainbow hair hues (sometimes even multiple colors in one night!) and bold makeup color choices. Endorsements from Proactiv and CoverGirl have made her the face of many campaigns. And she's launched a successful line of faux lashes and festive fragrances.

Katy's latest scent, Mad Potion, stays true to her whimsical brand. The bottle is meant to look like a container you might find in Neverland with a silver-glitter cap to conjure the spirit of magical stardust. Go further into her fantastical world with one whiff of the perfume, which, to me, smells like brunch (in the best, sexiest way possible!). The warm fragrance is a concoction of global vanillas (from places like Tahiti, Madagascar, and Mexico) mixed with amber, creamy musk, and jasmine petals. Purchase it for $30 via Twitter's Buy button by following @katyperrypopup.

To help celebrate her newest entrepreneurial venture, I chatted with her about said scent and all things beauty — specifically, which vibrant hair color is the most fun to wear, why Summer is the best time to go makeup free, and what rituals she does to stay sane on the road.

What You Need to Know About Mad Potion

What You Need to Know About Mad Potion

POPSUGAR: How did you pick the notes that went into the Mad Potion fragrance? What do they mean to you?

Katy Perry: I like to have the aphrodisiac of vanilla and the androgyny of musk mixed together. And vanilla is what I have been wearing since I was a kid, so I definitely wanted to put it in one of my fragrances, and finally it’s here!

PS: Where do you like to spray you perfume?

KP: I’m not a person who sprays directly onto the skin. I like to spritz and then walk through — kind of like levitate through it. I do like to put it in my hair. It’s nice when you move your hair and get this aroma following you.

PS: What makes you so attracted to creating fragrances?

KP: Sense of smell is so important, because it creates a lasting memories. You can get into an elevator and be with someone wearing a fragrance you used to wear when you were a teenager, or an ex-boyfriend [wore], and then suddenly you’re transported into that time mentally. So, hopefully, I am making fragrances that are giving people lasting memories that will transport them.

PS: In the campaign, you play a magician. Can you do any magic tricks in real life?

KP: Magic tricks in real life . . . that would actually be considered great here at the Magic Castle . . . no. I can do an impression of a frog, which is really hideous and probably something I shouldn’t show you. Look! This is my impression of a frog! [Katy pulses her neck like this]. It’s a weird muscle I discovered while doing vocal lessons. That’s my only magic trick — and also doing a tour where I don’t get sick for 141 shows.

Katy's Approach to Skin Care
Getty | Michael Bezjian

Katy's Approach to Skin Care

PS: Speaking of tours, how do you keep your skin in such great shape when you have to wear all of that makeup?

KP I never sleep with it on. In the beginning of my career, I used to promote Proactiv. I only did it because it sincerely worked for me after trying all kinds of lasers and expensive products. And I’m still promoting it even though I am not in the campaign. But it really works for my skin, especially the cleanser and the toner. Before I do that, I take off my makeup with Shu Uemura oil and a washcloth. And I get lots of sleep — eight to nine hours.

PS: That Shu Uemura oil cleanser is fantastic! I use it, too.

KP Madonna’s makeup artist Gina [Brooke] actually told me about it a few years ago. I was so afraid of putting oil on my skin. When I put it on at night, it actually leaves this nice moisture residue.

PS: Do you ever go makeup-free in real life?

KP I do go makeup free, especially when I’m off cycle from tour. It’s more like for hikes, seeing friends, and being outside. And especially in the Summer, because you just have the right amount of serotonin and Vitamin D. When the Winter comes, I just start to look like a potato and need some shading, so I definitely find it easier to go makeup free in the Summer.

All About That Rainbow Hair
Getty | Tibrina Hobson

All About That Rainbow Hair

PS: You’re a pioneer in rainbow hair. All of the girls on KP Instagram right now are rocking multicolored manes. How do you feel about the fact that this is such a hot trend?

KP Thank you for saying that, and today, I am just trying to match the bottle [she wore a light purple wig]. I feel like my hair is very Mad Potion. I want to give credit where credit is due, and I believe the Harajuku girls and the Japanese culture — especially in Tokyo — were the pioneers. I was looking at them first.

PS: They say blondes have more fun, but when it comes to rainbow hair, which hue is the most fun for you to wear?

KP To be able to pull off a slime green color is really fun. It’s not necessarily the color you’d think to try. And it worked. I looked like a happy Oscar the Grouch. That was one of my favorites.

Real Talk About Luscious Lashes
Getty | Steve Granitz

Real Talk About Luscious Lashes

PS: What are some beauty products you always store in your bag?

KP Definitely my Mad Potion and all of the different sizes — I can use the smaller size to put in my bag. When I am off tour — and I’m on a little break for the Summer — I mostly do mascara. If I only have 10 minutes, I use CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara to extend my lashes and do a little bit the brow. I feel like I can do anything then!

PS: Tell me more about your luscious eyelash secrets!

KP I just layer. I kind of Tammy Faye my eyes.

How to Embrace Your Beauty
Getty | Taylor Hill

How to Embrace Your Beauty

PS: What backstage beauty hacks can you share?

KP A workout for 30 minutes a day is really good to let the blood flow to your face and make you look reenergized. I do this thing called transcendental meditation, which helps me get intense rest. I know that these are kind of hippie ways to talk about beauty, but I think a lot of beauty comes from an internal health [place].

PS: What’s your go-to 30-minute workout?

KP I used to run but my knees got shot because I’m on the stage for two hours, so I’m mostly doing the elliptical and hoping to start pilates in the future. I heard that’s a wonderful stretch and full-body workout. I used to swim, but the idea of jumping into a pool first thing in the morning scares me a little bit sometimes.

PS: If you were to ever write a song about beauty, what would it be called?

KP It would be called “No Product in the World Can Ever Make You Beautiful.” Because I definitely believe it’s all about self love, first and foremost, and then you can just play and highlight with all the extra products. It doesn’t matter if you have all of the products in the world — it’s important to reach beauty from a different place that’s not sold to you. I’m only talking about things that highlight the natural beauty that you have.