Katy Perry Revived the Candy Cane Eyeliner Trend in Her Cozy Little Christmas Video

If you're looking for some holiday hair and makeup inspiration, Katy Perry just served it up on an extravagant, festive platter. She looks like she just stepped straight out of the magical world of Whoville (in the best kind of way) on set for the music video of her new single "Cozy Little Christmas" because the beauty was that good.

For the Christmas-themed song and music video, she wore a number of beauty looks including candy cane eyeliner, Christmas tree hair (complete with sparkly baubles), icy bejeweled eyes, and embellished emerald eye shadow. Thankfully, makeup artist Anthony Nguyen and hairstylist Iggy Rosales shared behind-the-scenes, up-close photos of Perry's best looks of all of these amazing, festive looks.

First up was Perry's candy cane makeup (a personal favorite of mine). White-and-red stripes were painted onto her lids to create the thick graphic winged liner, which was topped with dramatic false lashes. The eyes were paired with a bright red lip, faux freckles, and cartoon-like pink blush across her cheeks and the tip of her nose.

Her icy embellished eye makeup followed. In the scene where Perry casually sits in a giant cup of milk, she wears the twinkliest eye makeup featuring 3D crystals all over the lids that stretched all the way out to her temples. As for her hair, it gave us immediate flashbacks to 2008 with her jet-black curled hairstyle.

Of course, Perry saved the over-the-top until last. She wore a sky-high, copper-hued updo shaped like a Christmas tree, complete with multicolored baubles and tinsel. This is a look that will really impress your coworkers at your holiday work party (wink wink).

Read on to see all of Perry's incredible hair and makeup looks from the "Cozy Little Christmas" music video.

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Katy Perry's Video For "Cozy Little Christmas"