Kendall Jenner Gets a Hair "Dusting" For Coachella

Kendall Jenner welcomed weekend one of Coachella with a new haircut. On April 15, the model stopped by the Revolve activation, which featured a drink selection from her alcohol brand, 818 Tequila. For the occasion, she gave her hair a subtle snip, also known as a "dusting."

The cut, which was done by celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan, added some shaggy texture to Jenner's hair. It now has a lightweight, piece-y look to it. The length was kept relatively the same, and for the occasion, the pieces around her face were styled with a slight bend, adding a hint of volume and giving an overall cool, effortless vibe to the style.

Dustings are a great way to refresh your style without committing to a dramatic cut. It's similar in many ways to a trim, but even less hair is removed to maintain length and get rid of split ends. Though a few strategically-placed cuts can add texture to the hair, making it look a bit fuller, dustings are beloved for their ability to help retain a style and encourage hair growth.

This cut can be done on any hair type and texture, including curly or coily hair. It's always recommended to go to a professional stylist for any type of haircut – dustings are intended to be almost imperceptible, like Jenner's. Take a closer look at her hair for Coachella below.

Instagram | @justinemarjan