Despite What KUWTK Reruns Would Have You Believe, Khloé Kardashian Isn't a Natural Brunette

Khloé Kardashian switches up her hair pretty frequently, but up until recently, the color she's been seen wearing most often is platinum blond. From her early days appearing on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, you might assume that the reality star is naturally a brunette, but she was actually born with dirty blond hair.

In an interview with New Beauty published in 2016, Kardashian opened up about dyeing her hair darker before filming older episodes of the show to look more like her sisters, all four of which have naturally brown hair. "I am naturally dirty blond, and I always was light and then went dark before we started filming, and I was kind of identified with always being dark like my sisters were."

By the time the feature was published, Kardashian was happily wearing the platinum blond hair that has since become her signature. Over the years, she's gone back and forth between a shoulder-length blond bob and long waves, though it's rare that we've seen her go dark again.

"While I think I could go back dark in some way, I feel like before, I was very much trying to fit this cookie cutter mold, and now I don't," she said. "I had to stand up for myself and say it doesn't matter if I look like them or not, this is me."

In the last few months, Kardashian appears to have gone back and forth between from her natural, dirty blond hair to a chocolate-y brown. Read ahead to check out a few moments of her showing off her naturally dirty blond hair color.