Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster Have a Mother-Daughter Nail Date

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster recently went on a mommy-daughter nail date, and the results are sugary sweet. The duo went to Jenner's go-to manicurist Chaun Legend and got matching nails to solidify their mother-daughter bond.

Jenner kept her nails her typical long, stiletto shape, opting for only a sheer wash of color as the base for her minimalist nails. She kept it simple by adding a single crystal to the tip of each finger. Webster, of course, looked to her mom for inspiration and also got crystals on each finger, but instead of a supermodel sheer pink, she got a fall-ready orange as the base color for her manicure.

If Jenner and Webster are any indication, then minimal-nail fall is in full effect. With the rise of the beige nail trend, as well as the trending "clean-girl" nail aesthetic, you can expect a bit of a shift from the over-the-top nail looks that have been dominating social media.

"Whenever there is a popular movement in beauty or fashion, it is always quickly followed by its antithesis," Rita Remark, global lead educator for Essie, previously told POPSUGAR. "Bold, scene-stealing nail art has been trending for the past two years, so it wasn't too long until understated, squeaky-clean nails became popular again."

Take a closer look at Jenner and Webster's nails below.